Name of Volcano:   NATIB
        Classification:  Potentially Active
        Lat (deg-min) 1443'
        Long (deg-min) 12024'
        Province Bataan
        Region III
        Nearby Cities/Towns Olongapo, Morong, Bagac, Pilar, Balanga, Abucay, Samal, Orani, Hermosa, Dinalupihan
        Topo Sheets 3064 II, 3063 I

        Elevation (km) 1.253
        Base Diameter (km) 26
        Type of Volcano Stratovolcano
        Hotsprings Mamot, Tigulangin, Uyong and Paipit springs within Natib caldera have temperatures
        ranging from 30-56C, low flows and discharging neutral to slightly alkaline waters.

        Rock Type Biotite hornblende andesite to dacite flows and dacitic tuffs
        SiO2 Range 47.92 - 67.87
        K2O Range 0.22 - 1.69
        Tectonic Setting Western Bataan Lineament
        Age of Deposits 27,000 +630(14C  Ebasco, 19__); 2.26+0.11 -- 0.54+0.08 Ma; 0.069 Ma; 0.052 Ma