NAME OF VOLCANO:                        PARKER

LOCATION:                                         Cotabato,  approximately 30 aerial kilometers west of General Santos City

                                                             and 44 kilometers south of Marbel (606.8' N, 12453.5' E)




Elevation:  1.784 km        

Base Diameter:  40 km                                          

Type of Volcano:  Stratovolcano

Crater Lake:  Lake Maughan (caldera lake of roughly 2-km diameter)




Rock Type:  Andesite         

Tectonic Setting:  Cotabato Arc  

Age of Deposits:  205 +_ 40 (Radiocarbon age , ybp),  1651-1955 AD (Calendar Age)




Number of Historical Eruptions:  1

Latest Eruption/Activity:  1641 Jan. 4

Volcanic Hazards: pyroclastic flows, airfall tephra, lahar, lake break-out




1995 – Emergency investigation 

On 06 September 1995, an alleged volcanic activity was reported to have occurred on its 2-km wide crater known as Lake Maughan.  This alleged activity caused extensive damage (landslide and flooding) along Ga-o River which drains Lake Maughan and joins Allah River in the north.  Due to this phenomenon, PHIVOLCS installed seismograph at T’Boli and Bgy. Hutol to verify the activity.  It was found out later that the activity was man-made.


Less than a year after the 1995 activity, a temporary dam was formed at about 250 m from the outlet of Lake Maughan, alarming the residents within the area due to fear of flashfloods.  The deposited landslide debris dammed the flowing water along Ga-o River and caused the lake level to rise by about 6 meters.  Initial assessment of the survey team sent revealed that the landslide impounded is weak.  Such structure may not be able to hold future increments of lake level ands thus will eventually result to a catastrophic lake break-out.


1996 – Establishment of seismic station           

After the 1995 activity, a permanent remote seismic station was installed at Bgy. Bagong Silang, located 065.23’N, 12456.9’E and is about 6 km east-southeast of Lake Maughan.  This relays data acquired to the manned station at Mindanao State University (MSU) Campus in Tambler, General Santos City.


2004 – Establishment of Matutum-Parker Seismic Network that would monitor both volcanoes


Monitoring Stations:

Central Station: General Santos Seismic & Volcano Station, MSU, Tambler

Observation Stations:

         Alnamang, Polomoloc, South Cotabato (Matutum)

         Bagong Silang, Gen. Santos (Parker)

Repeater stations:

         Upper Klinan, South Cotabato (Matutum)

         Silway, Gen. Santos City (Matutum)

         San Jose, Gen. Santos City (Parker)