PHIVOLCS and ASTI install first-ever Community Tsunami Detection and Tsunami Warning Siren in Lingayen Gulf
Wednesday, 26 September 2012 21:59

Bolinao, Pangasinan, 19 September 2012. PHIVOLCS and Advance Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) instrumentation team installed the first complete set of Tsunami Detection and System offshore of Bolinao, Pangasinan in the Lingayen Gulf. The system consists of a platform with 15-meter high pole. Attached to this pole are the sea level detection sensors: ultrasonic tide gage sensor designed by ASTI and wet and dry sensors designed by PHIVOLCS. The ultrasonic sensor detects any rise or fall of sea level. The dry sensor submerged in the water detects if the water recedes after an earthquake (a natural sign of a possible tsunami occurrence) and the wet sensor, installed at 1,  5, and 10 and meter height above the sea level will detect if water at a certain level already hit the pole. Tsunami warning sirens will be installed in pilot coastal barangays of Poblacion in Bolinao, Poblacion in Lingayen and Gueset, Pugaro and Binloc in Dagupan City. 

This activity is conducted under the DOST-Grant-in-Aid Project “Establishment of a Cost-Effective Local Tsunami Early Warning System for Selected High-Risk Coastal Communities of the Philippines (TeWS Project)”. The project aims to develop and introduce low-cost, low-maintenance but effective tsunami warning system that display Filipino scientists’ ingenuity and to capacitate the communities on tsunami preparedness and proper, timely response.

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