Supply and Delivery of Five (5) units ARQ's Data Logger (Communication Box)



March 5, 2019






The PHILIPPINE INSTITUTE OF VOLCANOLOGY AND SEISMOLOGY (PHIVOLCS) hereby invites all interested suppliers to quote their lowest price on the item/s listed below, subject to the conditions stated below, stating the shortest time of delivery and submit sealed quotation to BAC Secretariat addressed to the BAC Chairman at PHIVOLCS located at PHIVOLCS Building, C.P. Garcia Avenue, U.P. Campus, Diliman, Q.C. not later March 8, 2019. The Approved Budget for the Contract is ₽ 125,000.00.


Five (5) units ARQ’s Data Logger (Communication Box)

  1. Instrument
  1. Circuit Boards
  • Includes sourcing and assembly of components based on the Bill of Materials
  • Includes fabrication of printed circuit boards (PCB) based on gerber fileS
  1. Enclosure
  • Fabrication of customized casing for the data logger based on drawing design
  • Includes fabrication of junction box, saddle clamps and lock bars based on drawing design
  • Includes industrial design for the tooling
  • Materials: weatherproof and UV-resistant
  • Ingress protection: IP67
  1. Assembly and Testing
  • Includes all assembly and integration of boards, enclosure/mechanical fixtures, solar panels and sensors
  • Includes functional testing and must pass based on end-user’s testing procedure
  1. Packaging
  2. Fabrication of customized box
  • Materials: corrugated carton
  • Includes design of packaging box for the ff:
  • Datalogger – Die cut, self-locking, with anti-static packing/bag (metallised)
  1. Sticker/Labels
  2. Product labels – waterproof/metallic

(sample layout upon request)

  1. For datalogger
  2. Quality assurance stickers
  1. Security and Warranty Seals


Detailed Specs:

Type:  Lithium Polymer (LiPo) with built-in protection circuit module (PCM)

25,000.00 950,000.00

Voltage (Nominal): 3.7 V

Capacity: 6800 mAh (Typical)

6500 mAh (Minimum)


Maximum Current: 6800 mAh

Limited Voltage: 4.2 +/-0.02 V

End-of-Current: 136 mA


Max Current: 13600 mA

End Voltage: 2.75 +/-0.005

Operation Temp:

Charge: 0-45 deg C

Discharge: -20- +60 deg C

Safety Characteristics

Overcharged:  No fire or explosion

Short Circuit:  No fire or explosion

(150 deg C max heat)

Heating:  No fire or explosion

Acclimatization Characteristics:

High Temperature and High Humidity:  No deformation, no rust, no fires or explosion

Discharge time >/= 36 min

Vibration: No damnification, leak,fire

Battery voltage >/= 3.6 V

Drop: No leakage, no fire or explosion

Discharge Time:  >/= 36 min.

High Temp Discharge Capacity:  57 mins.


Kindly submit your best offer with the following requirements:

  • Mayor’s/Business Permit
  • PHILGEPS Registration Number



  1. All entries must be typewritten.
  2. Delivery period, ASAP.
  3. Price validity period must be for a period of one hundred (120) calendar days




      BAC Chairperson