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Click this link to download the maps.


To use the hazard information in Google Earth, follow the instructions below:

(Make sure that Google Earth is installed in your device. Else, download Google Earth from , install and run the app.) 

1.    After clicking the link for map download, click the region where your area or property is located.

2.    Choose between "Region" or "Province".

3.    Click the hazards you intend to know. Click the kmz files, which will be downloaded automatically.

4.    Go back to the directory where "3 NSO boundary" is found. Click "3 NSO boundary".  

5.    Download all relevant kmz files included in the folder for provincial, municipal and barangay boundaries,    

7.    Double Click the kmz files (hazards and administrative boundaries) you just downloaded. These will all be loaded to Google Earth.

8.    Read the legend in the map for explanation of hazards in the area.

9.  To make the layers transparent, look for the slider bar at the left portion in the Google Earth interface. Click the "square" icon.Scroll the bar to adjust transparency. (Below is an example of how the interface looks like.)




If you require official hazards assessment reports for submission to banks or other government agencies, you may file your request at Please provide us with proper vicinity maps and a copy of the TCT or Tax Declaration of the property. Kindly indicate your name, company name, if any, contact number and purpose of request. Hazard Assessment Reports are issued with corresponding costs.