Philippine Standard Time

The Philippines is prone to various natural hazards, i.e. typhoon and earthquakes, thus, occurrence of landslides is inevitable. Awareness and preparedness are the most effective prevention and mitigation measures against possible threats of landslide in the community.


What can be done to minimize landslide risks?
  • Hazard mapping

landslide hazard map

Landslide Susceptibility Map


  • Public information

landslide warning signs

Landslide Warning Signs


  • Engineering intervention measures or slope protection measures


Benching, Brgy. Puguis, La Trinidad, Benguet


retaining walls

Retaining wall, Brgy. Eastern Poblacion, Poro, Cebu



Riprap, Balut Island, Sarangani, Davao Occidental


Gabion walls

Gabion walls








erosion control

Erosion-control, Coconet Bio-engineering


vetiver grass

Erosion-control, Vetiver grass

  • Early Warning System (EWS)

      EWS are monitoring systems designed to predict events that precede landslides in order to issue a hazard warning.        It mitigates risk by reducing the consequences.