Philippine Standard Time

PHIVOLCS has recently developed online REDAS courses in consideration of the Covid 19 pandemic situation. The six-day REDAS course is now broken into 9 ladderized REDAS online modules and three special advanced modules (see Figure below):



Each module can accommodate 15 participants. The requirements are laptops/PC, strong internet connection (3-5 Mbps), licensed Operating system, and with administrative privilege.  Interested LGUs are advised to contact PHIVOLCS should they wish to avail of this training.  The following are the REDAS Modules: 1) Seismic Hazard Assessment (SHA), 2) Exposure Database Module (EDM), 3) Tsunami Simulation and Impact Module (TsuSIM) 4) Earthquake and Tsunami Alerting Module (ETAM), 5) Earthquake Impact Assessment Module (SHAke), 6) Flood Loss Assessment Tool (FLoAT), 7) Severe Wind Impact Forecasting Tool (SWIFT), 8) Crop Damage Assessment Tool (CropDAT), 9) Exposure Survey Data Management, 10) Earthquake Impact Assessment Module (SHAke) using survey data, and 11) Satellite Rainfall Monitoring (SRM).