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1. Ground Rupture - Deformation on the ground that marks the intersection of the with the earth's surface.

Effects: Fissuring, displacement of the ground due to movement of the fault.


2. Ground Shaking - Disruptive up, down and sideways vibration of the ground during an earthquake.

Effects: Damage or collapse of structure; may consequently cause hazards such as liquesfaction and landslide.


3. Liquefaction - Phenomenon wherein sediments, especially near bodies of water, behave like liquid simila to a quicksand.

Effects: Sinking and or titling od structure above it; sandboil; fissuring


4. Earthquake-induced landslide - Down slope movement of rocks, soil and other debris commonly triggered by strong shaking.

Effects: Erosion, burial and blockage of roads and rivers


5. Tsunami - Series of waves caused commonly by an earthquake under the sea.

Effects: Flooding; coastal erosion; drowning of people and damage to properties.