Philippine Standard Time

PHIVOLCS conducted a four-day training on exposure data collection for the Tarlac towns of Moncada and Anao from March 19 - 22, 2018.  Last January 29 to February 3, 2018,  nine Tarlac towns underwent a six day REDAS training through the support of the Office of Congressman Carlos O. Cojuangco of the First District of Tarlac.  The towns of Moncada and Anao were first among the batch who requested assistance from PHIVOLCS for help in developing their own exposure database that can be used for impact estimation.  The REDAS Exposure Database Module (EDM) android application version 2.6 was the tool used in data collection.  There was a total of 23 participants during the training with 15 representatives from Moncada and eight from Anao.  The survey was also conducted under the PHIVOLCS project “Seismic Risk Assessment of Selected Areas in the Philippines (SeRene)” which aims to generate earthquake impact assessment of Tarlac province for their use in disaster preparedness, emergency and land use planning

The pilot barangays chosen for the survey were Poblacion 3 for Moncada and Poblacion for Anao. On the first day, the participants were given overview of the Exposure Database Module and the UPD-ICE Building Typology. The second day was set for the lectures on REDAS as a risk assessment tool and the use of REDAS - EDM survey tool for Android Devices. An initial survey was done on the same day to provide them with first-hand training on the software. The rest of the assigned areas were completed on the third day. The data managers were taught how to prepare the survey data for the risk assessment procedure using REDAS software.They were also shown how the survey data would look like by using the REDAS-EDM for PC and QGIS.

Although only one barangay was targeted by the team per town, the Moncada representatives surveyed a total of 206 buildings for Brgy. Poblacion 3 and Brgy. Poblacion 1. On the other hand, the Anao representatives gathered 196 data for Brgys. Poblacion and Brgy. San Juan. After the survey, the facilitators presented the comparison of the risk assessment using PSA Data and using survey data. On the last day of training, the municipalities set a timeline when which they would be able to accomplish the necessary procedures on risk assessment using REDAS. Both Moncada and Anao planned to finish the survey of their respective municipalities on May 5, 2018.

Speakers and facilitators during the training were Angelito Lanuza, Johnlery Deximo, John Ted Sison, Lawrence Lontoc, Chayserie Moises-Canlas, Clint Drexel M. Ongue, Alyssa Marie Bautista, Marcos Viñas, and Ian Javier.