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Last April 23 to 25, 2019, PHIVOLCS conducted a three-day training entitled “Training on the use of REDAS Exposure Database Module (EDM) using Android Devices for Malungon, Sarangani" for the Municipality of Malungon, Sarangani province.  The training was held at Sarangani Highlands Garden and Restaurant, General Santos City. The training’s objective is to capacitate the Municipality of Malungon on how to use the REDAS Android for EDM that will allow them to create their own exposure database through actual building survey.  The resulting data can be used to calculate impacts due to earthquake ground shaking, severe wind and flood hazards using the REDAS software.

Group Photo of training participants and PHIVOLCS facilitators


There was a total of 30 participants during the training: 10 from the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (MDRRMO) and 1 from the Municipal Engineering Office (MEO) as well as 19 participants from the Malungon barangays of Gamay (5), J.P. Laurel (5), Talus (5) and Upper Biangan(4). A total of two REDAS software license keys were given for the data managers.  The participants were able to collect 388 building data from their own municipality that can already be used to build their exposure database.

Upon arrival at the venue on April 22, the REDAS EDM for android was installed in each of the devices of the participants, and individual pace factors and North direction of devices were determined.  The next day, lectures on How to Use EDM for Android and and Philippine Building Typology were discussed in order to prepare the participants for actual survey.  For Day 1, the survey area was in General Santos City.   It was also decided that the succeeding two-day survey will be done in the municipality of Malungon itself specifically in Barangay Banate in order to familiarize the participants on their own local building types using the survey tool and jumpstart the development of their exposure database.  Two night sessions were held to teach the data managers on preparing basemaps for EDM as well cleaning and managing the survey data.  PHIVOLCS also presented comparison of earthquake impact results from a Mag 7.0 earthquake generated by a fault nearest the municipality using census and survey data.  As way forward activities, the municipality plans to complete the building survey of Barangay Banate by May 2019, procure more devices and survey gears as well as consider safety issues.  The LGU also targeted four more barangays to be completely surveyed by July 2019: Barangays Gamay, JP Laurel, Talus and Upper Biangan.  The rest of the 26 Malungon barangays is planned to be surveyed in 2020.  Overall, the participants displayed great enthusiasm to understand the information being taught during the training and showed confidence and commitment to complete their targets through the leadership of the municipal officers.

Awarding of Plaque of Appreciation to PHIVOLCS as represented by Deputy Director Bartolome C.Bautista (middle)

by the Municipality of Malungon through its LDRRM Officer I Meralyn M. Fernando (right)


The training was headed by the Deputy Director Bartolome C. Bautista and assisted Maria Leonila P. Bautista, Angelito G. Lanuza, Nane M. Danlag, Johnlery P. Deximo, Ian P. Javier, Clint Drexel M. Ongue, Jan Lawrence A. Lontoc, Marcos M. Viñas, Leslie Ann Marie C. Cabotaje, and Rudgel F. Mirabite.