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Thursday, 08 May 2008 22:21

PHIVOLCS provides group tours (e.g students, teachers, government employees) for film showing and exhibit viewing. Film showing may be any of the following: volcanoes, earthquake or tsunami. Technical personnel are available to answer questions after video viewing or during exhibit viewing. Lectures for specific topics can be arranged upon request subject to the availability of resource speaker.

Actual Tour Day:

1. Upon arrival at PHIVOLCS the tour coordinator must meet with PHIVOLCS Educational tour coordinator for the fees assessment, and pay the assessed fees to PHIVOLCS cashier and present the Official receipt as proof of payment. The tour coordinator must ensure an orderly manner by which the participants are to enter the PHIVOLCS facility.

2. Strict compliance with time reservation is expected. We emphasize that requesters must book/reserve the time that is most realistic for the group upon consideration of travel time (including allowance for traffic, etc.) from the point of origin to PHIVOLCS.

3. Coordinators must remind all the participants on their behavior while in the premises of PHIVOLCS. Vandalism, loitering, shouting, eating and drinking inside the auditorium, and other non-desirable behavior are strictly prohibited.