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On 14 June 1990, an earthquake measuring 7.1 in the Richter Scale hit Panay Island at 3:41 P.M., killing 8 and injuring 41 people. The epicenter was located at 11.34°North latitude; 122.10° East longitude, in the vicinity of Culasi, Antique. The depth was computed to be 15 kilometers. It was generated by fault movement in the collisional zone off western Panay Island.

The tremor was felt in the following places (in PEIScale):

Intensity VII Culasi, Antique; Libacao, Aklan
Intensity VI Balete, Kalibo, Madalag, Numancia, Altavas & Makato in Aklan; Sigma & Cuartero in Capiz, and; Calinog in Iloilo.
Intensity V Northern part of Negros Island
Intensity IV Romblon and the rest of Negros Island
Intensity III Cebu City; Taal; Mayon; Palo, Leyte
Intensity II Cagayan de Oro & Camiguin Island
A quick response team dispatched to the area reported the following observations:

Culasi, Antique

Seven persons perished and 31 others suffered mild to severe injuries.
About 15% of the residential houses collapsed, the rest were partially damaged.
Several commercial buildings, namely: San Miguel Beer and Coca-cola warehouse; half portion of the Rural Bank of Culasi building; the Esperanza Elementary School, and the Seventh-Day Adventist church collapsed.
Four bridges totally collapsed.
Fissures measuring 82.5 x 0.8 x 0.91meters, and 4 x 0.8 x 0.9meters were noted in two barangays.
Upliftment occurred in Barangay Bagacay of 0.6 meters with an approximate area of 3,000 square meters.
Landslides were noted along the slope of Mt. Madya-as. The volume of materials carried by the landslide was approximately 30,000 cubic meters in Bagacay.
Fifty-seven families (about 342 persons) were evacuated.
Libacao, Aklan
Five concrete residential buildings were totally damaged, while thirty structures were partially damaged.
Two churches and a river control project were heavily damaged.
Five highway bridges were partially damaged.
Balete, Aklan
The Baptist church and the public market were heavily damaged, while an icon was toppled down.
The Rural Health Center and a rice mill collapsed.
The Balete district hospital was badly damaged and was declared dangerous for future use.
Partial damage to another public market and on the approach of some bridges.
One residential house totally collapsed and ten others were partially damaged.
Thirty-five people were evacuated to the Catholic Church.
A fissure measuring 2 km long and 136 cm wide, trending N50W was noted along Jaro River.
Madalag, Aklan
The municipal and district hospital sustained some cracks.
Kalibo, Aklan
Aklan Science High School and Alan Cinema were partially damaged.
The Catholic Church of Kalibo that is made of bricks suffered cracks on its walls.
A house made of ceramics was partially damaged.
Numancia, Aklan
Sandboil was observed.
Altavas, Aklan
The wharf was partially damaged.
There were cracks on the walls of the Cathedral and the head of an icon was damaged.
Makato, Aklan
The sports complex was partially damaged.
The posts and beams of the public market were damaged.
Kalinog, Iloilo
Various buildings of the Philippine Constabulary Regional Command were damaged.
The Catholic Church was partially damaged.
Cuartero, Capiz
A church and several houses were partially damaged.
Sigma, Capiz
A bridge and a communication tower were partially damaged.
Estimated total amount of damage is about 30 million pesos.


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The Quick Response Team (QRT) Members: Jimmy Sincioco - Team Leader; Ariel Rasdas; Rod Medrano; Jerry Diolata; Dindo Javier; Nelson Mondia

Pictures used were taken by Mr. Dindo Javier, and through the kindness of Ms. Louie de Guzman of the TID.