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Citizens' Charter

For instructions on how to use kmz hazard files and to know more about hazard assessment services available at PHIVOLCS, kindly allow us first to know you more so we could serve you better. Please fill out this form. Thank you.


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Strategic Initiatives PDF Print
Friday, 09 May 2008 02:53

The mandates of PHIVOLCS are carried out through its Volcano, Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Risk Reduction Programs and Projects. The following are the major programs that PHIVOLCS is currently implementing:


  1. National Volcano Monitoring and Warning
  2. National Earthquake Monitoring and Information
  3. National Tsunami Monitoring and Early Warning
  4. Earthquake Hazards and Risk Assessment
  5. Earthquake Generation Potential of Active Faults and Trenches
  6. Volcanic Hazards and Risk Assessment
  7. Eruption and Magmatic History of Volcano Systems
  8. Volcano, Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction
  9. Strategic Human Resource Management and Development (SHRMD)
  10. Leadership Enhancement and Development (LEAD)
  11. Strategic Performance Assessment and Development for Excellence (SPADE)