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Active Volcanoes PDF Print
Thursday, 14 December 2017 13:56

List of active volcanoes in the Philippines. The locations of the active volcanoes are in World Geodetic System (WGS) 84. Source: PHIVOLCS (2016a).






Babuyan Claro 19.52408 121.95005 Babuyan Island Group, Cagayan in Luzon
Banahaw 14.06038 121.48803 Boundaries of Laguna and Quezon in Luzon
Biliran (Anas) 11.63268 124.47162 Leyte in Visayas
Bud Dajo 6.01295 121.05772 Sulu
Bulusan 12.76853 124.05445 Sorsogon, Bicol Region in Luzon
Cabalian 10.27986 125.21598 Southern Leyte in Visayas
Cagua 18.22116 122.11163 Cagayan in Luzon
Camiguin de Babuyanes 18.83037 121.86280 Babuyan Island Group, Cagayan in Luzon
Didicas 19.07533 122.20147 Babuyan Island Group, Cagayan in Luzon
Hibok-Hibok 9.20427 124.67115 Camiguin in Mindanao
Iraya 20.46669 122.01078 Batan Island, Batanes in Luzon
Iriga 13.45606 123.45479 Camarines Sur in Luzon
Isarog 13.65685 123.38087 Camarines Sur in Luzon
Kanlaon 10.41129 123.13243 Boundaries of Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental in Visayas
Leonard Kniaseff 7.39359 126.06418 Davao del Norte in Mindanao
Makaturing 7.64371 124.31718 Lanao del Sur in Mindanao
Matutum 6.36111 125.07603 Cotobato in Mindanao
Mayon 13.25519 123.68615 Albay, Bicol Region in Luzon
Musuan (Calayo) 7.87680 125.06985 Bukidnon in Mindanao
Parker 6.10274 124.88879 South Cotobato/General Santos/North Cotabato/Sarangani Provinces in Mindanao
Pinatubo 15.14162 120.35084 Boundaries of Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales in Luzon
Ragang 7.69066 124.50639 Lanao del Sur and Cotobato in Mindanao
Smith 19.53915 121.91367 Babuyan Island Group, Cagayan in Luzon
Taal 14.01024 120.99812 Batangas in Luzon